Frequently Asked Questions

when should I show up for my appointment?

Please show up on time- If you like to come early, 5-10 minutes before your scheduled session is great!

can I use my own art?

Yes, you can use your own art for a tattoo. You can also use the art of another artist with their permission. Please note copying is not encouraged otherwise. 

What are your prices for tattooing?

Custom Tattooing: 

$150/ hr +HST

This is also the session minimum (an hour or less).


Intuitive Tattooing: 

Intuitive Session: $100 + HST

Tattooing is $150 + HST

What are your prices for Microblading?

Initial Session:

$500 + HST (Includes a touch up session)


Single Session Colour Boost:

1-6 months: $250 +HST

6-12 months: $300 +HST

12-18 months: $350 +HST

18-24 months: $400 +HST

After 24 months, price and session structure returns to "Initial Session".

How do I inquire about a service?